If you're a creator looking to enhance your media productions with high quality sound design then look no further! Our extensive sound libraries have been recorded and created for just that purpose, with you in mind.


We're sound recordists with a few collective skills thrown into the mix that allow us the freedom to pursue and produce what we enjoy and continue working remotely as digital nomads.

We've been fortunate to have our work be part of media productions worldwide and this not only inspires us and fills us with positivity, it keeps us firmly motivated to deliver the high quality sound that you creators expect for your projects.

We love what we do and we do what we do best together! DID YOU KNOW we're a humble husband and wife team..?

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All our sound files are original recordings made by ourselves. We prepare them in Adobe Audition keeping them as original as possible but trimming out the surplus to give you nice neat files minus any knocks, chatter or third party copyrighted material. All files are currently 96kHz 24-Bit Stereo WAV.


As digital nomads using electronic devices it's important to us that we maintain a balance between our work needs, the environment and general social well-being and we achieve this by powering all our equipment with portable solar energy. We use our panels and powerstations to charge the mobile powerbanks that feed our recording devices and to load our MacBooks that process our recordings and maintain our online presence. Our system works perfectly for us and we don't mind shouting about it to you guys, the users of what we offer - sustainably!


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